Riva Sportfly

The lineup consists of the following representatives: Sportfly Riva 88 Domino Super - a luxury yacht with an almost 27-meter hull length and a width of 6.3 meters is planned for presentation in 2020, the model is capable of speeds up to 38 knots, the yacht is designed for four spacious cabins and three places for the service team; Sportfly Riva 76 Perseo - the average representative of the series with a hull length of 23.3 meters and a width of 5.75 meters, the presentation of the model is also scheduled for 2020, the maximum speed of the ship is up to 37 knots, there are three guest cabins and two crew places on board ; Sportfly Riva 66 Ribelle - a yacht of 20 meters in length has a width of 5.3 meters and is capable of accelerating to 37 knots, guests will have a place to stay at their disposal three spacious cabins.​