Riva Aquariva Super for sale

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General information

Riva Aquariva Super
Name of Boat
10,07 m / 33,04 ft
2,80 m / 9,19 ft
0,96 m / 3,15 ft
6,69 tonne
480 liters
Fresh water
130 liters
Cruising speed
36,00 kn
Max speed
41,00 kn


2008 Riva 33 Aquariva " Altamer "

The first time a 2008 Riva 33 Cento, is offered for retail sale in the USA.

This is one of only two imported to the USA, the other one is a tender in the Yacht, "Cakewalk"

Broker Remarks

The Aquariva Cento, limited edition realized by Riva to celebrate the production of the 100th unit of the Aquariva, portrays Riva's natural style evolution from past to present exalting the pleasure of boating in a timeless classic offering unique, incomparable comfort and emotion. 

The soft, elegant lines of the 33 foot Aquariva Cento exude tradition, whilst still managing to be highly innovative. The valuable, skilfully carpentered woods of the deck (mahogany with maple inlay), are also used for the walking surfaces. Even the hood-cover hatch and upper parts of the side lockers are mahogany. The ivory and orange fabrics used below deck perfectly match the valuable dash-board and rudder upholstery leathers with elegant mechanical finishing, the skipper's seat has a convenient headrest and a useful storage compartment is situated to the rear of the backrest. Even the metallic black hull was specially chosen for this limited edition. Lastly, the innovative, electronically-controlled, two speed gearbox brings out all the passion and power of the two 380 horsepower Yanmar engines, resulting in an exceptional performance (top speed of 42 knots, and a cruising speed of 36).

Jul 13, 2021, 9:24:28 AM
$ 633 000
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Riva Aquariva Super for sale
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